Difference between SAP BO 4.0 and Early versions

December 06, 2011

Notes on SAP BO 4.0:


1. There are new binaries, You need to install the 4.0 as a FULL instaill first.

2. There is a new audit schema with 4.0, no historic audit data is avaible once upgrade to 4.0

3. Infoview is now called as BI Launchpad with new interface and report pinning

4. Dashboard builder is called as BI workspace now. (  Corporate, Personal and My InfoView Dashboards become BI Workspaces but some analytics must be recreated in Xcelsius)

5. Encyclopedia/ Discussion is no longer available in SAP BO4.0

6. Performance manager is no longer available

7. There is new search technology, ( Need to rebuild index in SAP BO4.0)

8. Crystal Reports are now CR 2011 and CR Enterprise

   (Allreports are by default upgraded to CR 2011, Possible manual upgrade to CR Enterprise)

9. Desktop intelligence no longer available

10. Xcelsius is now Dashboards

     (Flash files will continue to workConversionto new format is optionalConversion adds new features      globalization, UNX queries…)

11. Explorer doesn't have UNIV support ( Information Spaces based on Excel are upgraded, the ones based on UNV and bookmarks are not !)

12. Voyager is called as Analysis,edition for OLAP

 (Some of workspaces will be upgrade to Advanced Analysis, the others requiremanual changes)

13. Fully upgraded web intelligence

14. No change in Universe Designer

15. There is a new Information Designer (UNX format) 

16. LCM which is available since XI3.2 is integrated in to 4.0. No separate install is needed

17. No change in report conversion

18. Translation manager is integrated

19. WDeploy is integrated

20. Import wizard is now upgrade manager

21, Integration kits are now integrated in 4.0

22. Integration kit for sharepoint is not available

23. Data Federator is partially integrated in BI4.0 ( 3.x deployments are compatible)

24. No change in Live office

25. QaaWS ( Query as webservice) no change


The genral BO architecture hasn't changed

There are five main components.

Web Application Server

Back-end Servers

1 Central Management System

(CMS) database (infoobjects)

1 File Repository (physical reports repository)

1 Audit Database